Drawing Program

The drawing program at CalColor Atelier implements a level system developed by the instructor in order to help nurture students build skills in drawing and painting in a efficient manner. Each assignment level is meant to build on top of each other in terms of difficulty so students will never struggle too much as they make progress. The drawing program is a pre-requisite program that students need to complete before advancing to the Painting program.

Level 1 Bargue Study

Learning basic observational skills which includes:

  • Line and Angle control    
  • Shape recognition

Student Kazuya’s Level 1 Bargue Drawing

Level 2 Bargue Study

Continuation of observational skills, plus the introduction of value and line control.

Student Janet’s Level 2 Bargue Drawing

Level 3 Bargue Study

Introduction of Value transitions, the utilization of different pencil properties.
Students within this level will already have develop of sense of studio independence whilst working.

Student Jingjing’s Level 3 Bargue Study

Level 4 Bargue Study

Advancement into more complex shape recognitions, furthering training on value, line, edge, and proportions control.

Student Caro’s Level 4 Bargue Drawing

Level 5 Bargue Study

Further continuation to complex shape recognition, furthering training on value, line, edge, and proportions control.

Example of a Level 5 Bargue Drawing

Level 6 Facial Feature Cast Drawing

Students will start the transition from the Bargue drawing to a Sculpture Cast drawing, utilizing what they learned in their Bargues to draw the Sculpture Cast from Life.

Level 7 Plast Cast Full Bust Drawing

Students will transition into a full complex Sculpture Cast drawing. Utilizing everything they have learned in order to draw a full sculpture to completion.
If students prefer, they may also draw an additional second Full Bust after the completion of their first.


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